justhold0nn asked:
Whatcha up to?<3

About to go take my last exam and then I’m on break




it’s not a blog until you have this on it

inthemid-nightsky asked:
the app is soo easy! to reblog you hold down on the reblog button, and body figure is all of your stuff, to people following you and home is the dashboard, but you probably already know this, unless you phone isn't an iphone then well i don't know :)

Haha thanks (: I’m figuring it out I think

inthemid-nightsky asked:
holy sugar, its been awhile.. Hi! of course i will forgive you!

I’m trying to learn how to use my Tumblr app so I can get on all the time :D

Anonymous asked:
Hi Jake! Do you have a twitter account? want to follow you x haha

haha yeah i do :D @Jake__G

Anonymous asked:
what is the absolute most sexiest quality about a girl, in your opinion?

A BIG BOOTY ! hahaha just kidding uhmmm if i can talk to her ! like if i can tell her anything and not have to worry about her buggin out and lookin at me weird